The Paradiso Hotels

Paradiso - the Italian word for Paradise, exemplifies its very meaning. We at Paradiso Hotels & Resorts wish to take you on a journey, into an era of Belle Epoque, the age of beauty. The sheer joy of being able to unwind out of the ordinary and into nature, bliss and a period of harmony.

We concentrate on areas which would offer you personalized comfort and services. Yes, it is possible here, we do not believe in a 'no' we would prefer to go that extra mile and dedicate ourselves to your every whim and fantasy

Our Aim

Our vision is to keep inline with the present international standards of service and style. To create modern yet classical, a bit of personality along with character which stands out itself. We intend to focus on locations which have a meaning to life itself. Yet in the urban metropolis but far from the hustle and bustle. We are close to nature, therefore close to your heart.

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